Children’s Orthodontics

When people hear orthodontics, they immediately think of braces-expensive, painful and invasive. However, early treatment of dental alignment can prevent the need for braces later, and prevent TMD from developing.
We at JJaws at Highland Hills Dental use Myobrace for children as young as age 3, and ideally for children ages 5-10 whose permanent teeth are coming in. As these permanent teeth come in, teeth can become crowded, paving the way for jaw problems later in life. Habits such as breathing through the mouth and incorrect tongue and/or lip alignment can contribute to poor tooth alignment and jaw development. Pulling teeth or wearing braces will not solve jaw alignment issues.

Myobrace systems are designed not only to straighten teeth without braces, but also to treat underlying habits such as mouth breathing, incorrect swallowing and lip and tongue misalignment. Children wear the appliance overnight, plus 1-2 hours per day. The appliance will assist in correct development of upper and lower jaw, minimize mouth breathing and improve both dental alignment and facial development.

Adult Orthodontics

TMD can be traced back to issues with dental alignment and may require a dental apparatus or procedure to provide relief. Interceptive Orthodontics are orthodontic procedures and devices designed to help alleviate the pain and other symptoms associated with TMD and can reduce or even eliminate symptoms by repositioning and/or reshaping the upper and lower jaw.

Correcting misalignment of the jaw can reduce stress on the joint itself, and the surrounding muscles and ligaments. It also creates more room for the tongue (which is often the culprit in impeding airflow in obstructive sleep apnea) and allows for greater capacity for airflow during sleep.
If the lower jaw is underdeveloped or recessed it can result in an improper bite which will put too much pressure in the wrong areas, resulting in pain and muscle spasms. Realigning the lower jaw into a more suitable position can help to alleviate those symptoms.

If the upper jaw is too narrow or the palate too high, the sinuses will be compressed and airflow will be restricted. Functional orthodontics can help correct this which can improve breathing and airflow. It can also reduce the symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea.


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