Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are your services covered by Provincial Health Care Plans?

A: No, our services are not covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). However, certain recommendations, such as a sleep study to investigate for sleep apnea, will be covered as it must be referred by your health care practitioner.

Q: Will your services be covered by my private or employer health care plan?

A: It depends on what services we recommend and the terms of your coverage. For example, dental appliances are usually partially covered by a health care plan. Dental surgery, if required, may be partially or fully covered. Check with your benefits administrator for your particular coverage and any limits or exemptions that may apply. We can provide you with a detailed treatment plan to take to your benefits administrator.

Q: What is your approach to care?

A: We at Jaw Joint Airway Solutions understand that your jaw pain may be only part of the problem. We will work closely with your family health care provider, your dentist, physiotherapist, massage therapist and other members of your health care team to create a unique holistic treatment plan that can work cohesively to reduce your pain and discomfort.

Q: How can you help my sleep apnea?

A: A great deal of obstructive sleep apnea is actually caused by misalignment in the jaw that causes an obstruction. CPAP machines can improve sleep apnea by providing a constant stream of air, but the machines are noisy and uncomfortable and adoption rate is less than 50%. Teeth alignment is crucial to proper chewing, and the brain will misalign the jaw to ensure the teeth align correctly. That can lead to TMD and obstructive sleep apnea. By using devices such as MYOBRACE and pre-orthodontic appliances we can get the best teeth alignment possible. By treating the misalignment of the jaw, often with something as simple as a dental appliance, we can improve sleep apnea, giving you a better night’s sleep. We want to provide you with the best airway and airflow possible.

Q: Can you arrange a sleep study?

A: No, a sleep study can only be arranged by your family health care provider. We will be happy to coordinate with your family health care provider after you receive the results to recommend solutions for you.

Q: Can you get rid of my pain?

A: We will work with you and your team of health care providers to resolve as much of your pain as possible. Any reduction in chronic pain and symptoms like headache or sleep apnea will provide an improved quality of life.


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